This book summed up in two words: eat wheatgrass. Yes, according to the author, wheatgrass will cure what ails you. Yet another book on the "magical cure" for all ailments.

HOWEVER, this book has something different that I have yet to find in any other similar book... she backs up what she says with evidence (though some are anecdotal), facts, scientific research, numerous testimonials from clients and experts alike and similar information on other various important nutrient rich raw foods. She goes on to explain in detail why she recommends what she recommends, how to go about trying her plan for health and a guide with recipes.

She doesn't try to sell you her own line of vitamins or products and she doesn't require that you come to her clinic (she talks about her clinic in the book, but I don't remember any overt plugs for it nor did I feel any pressure to attend her clinic - in fact I got the opposite impression - it was as if she were writing this book for people who couldn't get to the clinic and wanted to try what she does at her clinic at home).

Her approach is far from cookie cutter and she even suggests that each person should experiment for himself/herself how to best redefine his/her own diet using bio-individual and heuristic concepts (a very refreshing change from the cookie cutter fad diets available currently).

She rounds out the information with discussions about the importance of a holistic approach which includes physical, relational, spiritual and emotional (some of her ideas about the spiritual are a little strange, but she doesn't try to force any particular religion or god on anyone).

The reader can definitely feel the author's personality shine through among her words in this book and it seems that Dr. Wigmore would be a wonderful person to know.

Overall this is a GREAT book. Highly recommended.