Ann Wigmore is known as the mother of living foods for her pioneering work using wheatgrass, sprouts, and a living-foods diet for detoxification and healing. She led countless individuals to wellness with the Living Foods Lifestyle that she developed and recommends for total health.

Rebuild Your Health presents Ann's beliefs about disease and healing and explains all the components of the Living Foods Lifestyle in detail.

You'll find primers on indoor gardening and composting, a discussion of colon health, instructions for making your own Rejuvelac, Energy Soup, and wheatgrass juice, and an emphasis on relaxation and positivity. A section of simple recipes for raw food dishes is also included.

“This book saved my life. It gave me the jump start I needed. After reading through this little book, I turned my health around. I stopped eating fast foods and processed chemical-laden junk foods and started eating healthfully. In two days I could feel the difference. I felt better immediately and the pounds just dropped off effortlessly,” said a buyer this book.