Dilemma of Small Business Getting Investor

Being a beginner businessmen who pioneered the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia had to be creative get investors to develop its business.

We are the entrepreneurs who are directly in the field almost always had to rack our brain to grow our business. When the business development of SMEs need capital, a lot of obstacles in the field.

Here we want to explain a variety of real constraints on the ground, between the promise and reality:

First, the government always easy getting promising SME Business Credit (KUR) from state banks or private.

Reality: banks only give KUR in businesses that have two years experiences. Not only that, SMEs should have a certificate of the house. Bank does not accept the only land certificates as collateral, but should have a building on the land.

Automatic, how many SMEs have a house certificate? If few SME has been running her business two years, may still not get a credit, because if they rent the house, they also can not get loan. Finally, new entrepreneurs and businessmen beginner to bite the finger, could only dream of loan from banks. That is the reality.

Second, if SMEs seeking capital from investors, the government has been scaring potential investors with the phrase "Be careful of investment bulging". Then there is the Financial Services Authority (FSA or OJK), which seems very grumpy if there are small entrepreneurs who are trying to get investment from people who are surplus funds to be invested.

The question is: FSA had conditions very tight for companies that want to attract investment. Then SMEs to seek additional capital in the bank was difficult, how can the SMEs fulfill the terms of the FSA to raise funds to develop their business investment?

That is what makes concerned: SMEs it hard to get funds from banks, SMEs are also not likely to meet the FSA's requirements can obtain investment funds.

Third, with a variety of conditions, SMEs have to fend for themselves, as if they had no government who understand the difficulties. Yes indeed, the small business owners have to fend for themselves. Never mind longer rely on the government or the government's promises. Since whoever the president, SMEs remain miserable. Not the Suharto era, SBY, or Jokowi, even today.

Yes, the data appear in the media is indeed beautiful. KUR fund are trillions of rupiah, but we were there in the field would know, who can and who can’t get KUR.

For SMEs who are creative, they may have beautiful dream did crowdfunding or cofinancing from many investors. But please, government, or the FSA should not be too suspicious with crowdfunding by SMEs that are struggling on their own without the help of banks, the government, or even the grandiose promises.

Crowdfunding by small business owners are also not cheat investment. SME investment offered is quite realistic, with promising gains of around 20% per year was still very reasonable. You can compare with Banks that gives interest on deposits or mutual funds of about 10-15% per year.

We also encourage investors in Indonesia and the other country to be more concerned with SMEs. Rather than settle your money to the bank for deposits or mutual funds, it is better used to help many SMEs are today more are struggling and are not touched by a bank or the government. They did not try to get loan from bank because the terms are also too hard, even until we release this article.

With a gain share of about 15-20% per year, you still get the same profit if you invest money in bank deposits or mutual funds. But look at the impact that you can give to small entrepreneurs who are ready to toil day and night to develop their business.

Currently we are also trying to encourage crowdfunding more popular for small businesses. Of course once again, crowdfunding is not an cheat investment which promising gains up to 10% per month. If you are offered a 10% profit per month, it is suspicious and should refuse.

But for crowdfunding intended to help the SMEs, 15-20% per year is realistic! Be investors angels who help develop SMEs untouched by bank. I'm sure there are millions of such SMEs across Indonesia. Help them!

I would like to call on ... Hi ... government, bankers, tycoons, big businessmen, many SMEs who need your helping hands. Do not just spread the beauty of the promises of cheap credit, easy KUR, look at the ground directly ...

Hi ... citizens of Indonesia and the world, if you wants to build entrepreneurial spirit in Indonesia, help millions of SMEs that are still marginalized ... Open your eyes and ears. Look around you ... Help them ...

Be part of the Crowdfunding for small businesses. Do not worry, you will still be able to get gains... you will not be poor anyway to help the owners of SMEs that build businesses with the sweat of their toil. You even I assure you, will be more RICH by help them.

Happiness is there when you help others, the SMEs up and grow big. That is true happiness can you get!

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